How To Get Old Start Menu In Windows 8

Recently Microsoft launched the latest version of Windows i.e. WINDOWS 8. This new version of Windows due to its more features is getting very much popular and familiar in this technical world. If you were earlier using the old version of Windows like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 then you would surely get confused to start-up the Windows 8. Some people always think to get old start menu in Windows 8 as the new Windows 8 is missing the start menu button like earlier versions of Windows and loaded with UI rich metro tiles.  Though these tiles give great working experience however sometimes it becomes difficult to find any app or program from these tiles. So today I will tell you a trick for this and how to get old start menu in Windows 8 with the various tools so that it can become easy and fast to use Windows 8 even for a new user.

Get Old Start menu in Windows 8

When we start-up Windows 8 then at first we will see entire start menu screen with big metro tiles and desktop option and when you go to desktop you will desktop similar to old Windows operating systems, however this new version of Windows 8 misses the old start button. But that is not a big problem. When user learns the new interface then he/she gets interest in using the new version of Windows and may enjoy using it. But if you are thinking about that if there is no start button on-screen of new Windows 8 then how can you get old start menu in Windows 8, then you need not to worry about this here we are with the solution to get old start menu in Windows 8 easily and quickly using few software’s.

Get Old Start Menu in Windows 8 – 

You can easily get old start menu in Windows 8 by using any of the software given below.


Get Old Start Menu In Windows 8 Using START8

If you are using a Windows 7 or any other operating system then you will get easily use up the present start-up button but after upgrading to Windows 8 you might get confused with the start-up menu. So this is one of the best tool to get old start menu in Windows 8. Start8 button software in your PC but this software is not free unlike other software’s. You have to pay for getting this.

However, Start8 also offers their users with a free 30 days trial in which we can test up and use this product for free and can plan to buy or not after using it.


Get Old Start Menu In Windows 8 Using ClassicShell

To get old start menu in Windows 8 one more option that is classic shell. Classic shell is the collection of all features which is used in the old version of window. It provides you comfort to use the start button. However in this start menu you may not get accuracy than the start button of the older versions of Windows. But later this classic shell is removed from the old version window. Still if you are looking for free and powerful start menu tool then classic shell is good preference for you.


Get Old Start Menu In Windows 8 Using IObit Start 8

Another software to get old start menu in Windows 8 is  IObit startmenu8 which is completely free and very easy to use. By using IObit start menu 8, you will feel similar like working on Window 7. StartMenu8 not only brings back the convenient Start Menu to Windows 8, but also allows you to bypass Metro screen on start of Windows 8 and boot to desktop directly.


Get Old Start Menu In Windows 8 Using pokki

Pokki offers a slick and well-designed Start menu. If you installed many software’s, applications and many game in your PC and want to get easy navigation to all these services then Pokki can prove to be helpful for you. Pokki gives only navigation of your software’s in well categorized format so that you can easily use it when needed. However, A search field lets you track down any program when you need quick results. And a Shut Down menu includes several options, such as Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate. Pokki even suggests certain apps that you might want to install, such as Angry Birds and YouTube, and offers a direct link to the Windows 8 store.

Conclusion on How To Get Old Start Menu In Windows 8 –

These all are tools that can help you get old start menu in windows 8 easily. How do you find these software’s let us know in comments below.



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