Tiny Games App Is Packed With Hundreds of Real-World Games

Tiny Games is an app that lets users play games with their friends — no matter where they are, or who they’re with.

Designed by developer Hide&Seek, the smartphone app suggests the ideal game to play based on answers a user provides to questions about their current company and surroundings. To help cover expenses for the game, Hide & Seek launched a Kickstarter campaign.

“We’re bringing together every kind of game you can think of: chase games, people-watching games, word games, creative games, shopping games, strategic games, storytelling games and a bunch more words we can’t even think of right now,” the company says on its Kickstarter page.

Users only need to read a few sentences of explanation to play any given game, so they won’t spend much time poring over rules. They also get all the digital tools — such as dice and spinners — necessary to play a game on screen, and will be able to record the best bits of each game for posterity.

At launch, Tiny Games will have five different gameplay locations: home, a bar, on the road, and on a walk, plus one additional location chosen by people who have backed the game on Kickstarter.

In the long term, Hide&Seek aims to add even more locations, as well as special releases for holidays and events.

What do you think of Tiny Games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

BONUS: 6 Apps You Don’t Want To Miss

Apps You Don’t Want To Miss 4/13/2013

Facebook Messenger for Android

Facebook updated Facebook Messenger for Android this week alongside the release of Facebook Home.

Most notably, the update brings “chat heads,” small notification bubbles with your friend’s faces on them, to Facebook Messenger users. Chat heads show up on the screen whenever you receive a message from a friend, and can be moved around on the screen so you can continue to read an email, play a game or surf the web.


Facebook Home

Facebook launched Facebook Home Friday. A launcher currently only available for the latest Samsung and HTC smartphones, Home displays a constant stream of your friends’ Facebook posts on your phone’s home screen, and allows you to like and comment on those photos as they pass by.


Status Board

Need to keep up with a lot of things at once? Status Board for iPad lets you monitor everything that’s important to you on a single screen at once. The app comes with six instant panels: clock, weather, calendar, mail, Twitter, and Feeds that can be viewed simultaneously.

If you want to get more complex, the app lets you design your own panels using HTML, builds tables for you with HTML or CSV data, and builds graphs using JSON or CSV data.

Finished boards can be viewed on your iPad, or displayed on an external display such as a monitor or a television in your workplace using HDMI or Airplay.


Lie Swatter

Lie Swatter is a new game from the creators of You Don’t Know Jack that asks you to separate fact from fiction in a series of trivia questions. The game contains hundreds of categories ranging from Sharks to Internet Dating, and lets you compete against your Facebook friends, or invite friends to play via email.


Dropbox for Android

Dropbox updated its Android app this week, adding support for viewing photos in Dropbox on your mobile device, as well as a number of performance enhancements. The update comes after another recent version that added the ability to share several photos at once, organize photos into albums, and delete multiple photos simultaneously.



Piki is a music discovery app created by Turntable.fm, the streaming music service that lets you DJ tunes in virtual rooms with your friends and other music enthusiasts.

Unveiled last year, Piki finally became available to the public this week. The free music-streaming app lets you discover music from people you follow, share songs with others, and react to others’ suggestions.


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