7 Stunning iPhone Concept Videos

1. iPhone 6 Commercial

Would you ever be interested in a transparent phone?

2. iPhone 5 Concept Features

This design had us at “holographic display.”

3. iOS 7 Apple iPhone 5S Concept Video

Joe Hall’s iVision “infuses animation, emotion and personality into the new OS.”

4. iPhone 5 3D Concept

Would a 3D camera tempt you to upgrade?

5. iPhone 5 New Concept Features

We love the idea of a fingerprint reader for security.

6. New iPhone Concept Features — Speakers


7. iOS 7 Concept

Finally, there’s some really imaginative iOS ideas here. Apple, please take note.

Are you excited about the next-generation Apple iPhone? Do you wonder what kind of improvements iOS 7 might bring?

We have taken a look at some cool concept designs from Apple fans, who have imagined their visions of future iPhones, both in terms of hardware and software.



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